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...a great community of teen and adult instructors.  My daughter has been nurtured, encouraged, and challenged by all her ''elders'' including the many terrific teens.  She says Hoa Sen is like a family and that everyone is always willing to give extra help and encouragement to those that need it.  I highly recommend it!
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      Emeryville Martial Arts     
At Emeryville Martial Arts, we teach a dynamic system of martial arts known as Cuong Nhu.
     Combining the principles of hard and soft styles, students learn not only hard style fighting technique, but blending movements, off-balancing and grappling arts. 

      Emeryville Martial Arts is a woman-run school which reflects the philosophy of self improvement to help others. Technique is taught to allow the student to gain confidence in self defense and artistry in martial movement. We are family oriented and teach students ages 4 and up.

     Our beautiful 3000 sq ft facility features a fully padded floor to ensure your safety, making block, punch and kick sequences move seamlessly into grappling and throwing techniques. Our viewing areas provide comfortable seating and our wireless network access allows you to work while your children or other family members train.

      Classes are offered four times per week. From our Little Samurai Program focusing on ages 4-5, through our youth divisions and teens and adults programs, there are age and skill appropriate classes for everyone. Please see the schedule of classes for specific details.

      Emeryville Martial Arts offers gift certificates for classes, private lessons, self-defense workshops, birthday parties and hosts a variety of special events.

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